Someone who is a Communist. One who advocates the violent overthrow of an existing social or political order.
Ray is such a Reds, he should go dictate Cuba.
by terminal December 05, 2003
red devils
a dagerious and illeagel drug
by moi ami October 20, 2003
A kind of marijuana, usually from Jamaica, with red hairs on the leaves. Overrated according to some, usually brought back to this country inside hollowed-out candles by tourists, under the impression that it is of exceptionally high quality, by virtue of it's being from Jamaica.
Most kids at this high school talk a lot about weed, while knowing shit about it. They could get a hold of some 6-week-old Jamaican red and think they were smoking some kind herb.
by the pope June 06, 2004
1. communist
2. a marlboro cigarette
1. look at all those reds in line for toiletpaper
2. give me a red for one of these camels biatch
by stiger April 20, 2003
a light skin black girl
"I like a long hair thick red bone" - Lil Wayne Every Girl
by urbankingxxz December 10, 2009
1. A young man who gets beet red skin when working our. Also vains are very close to skin. Skin is very cameleon like. Also a red head.
n33b 1: wow, red, your ungly
n33b 2: i can live with it...
by general disarray June 04, 2005
When a girl is on their period
Your acting all mad because your on your reds innit?
by Jason Osei January 29, 2004

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