This describes the condition of the person who has been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol--they are red, as in red in the face (from the alcohol) AND/OR red in the eyes (from the marijuana).
"After I have my breakfast blunt and my mickey, I'm red and ready for work."

"I drank all the beer and did bong hits, then I was sooo red."
by The Ripper December 12, 2004
Stinking, awful, Red Rizlas.

Thick as copy paper, and about as wide, reds are for the stoner who smokes such weak gear (likely soap bar hash) that paper fumes are an essential chemical component of the high.

Often used by novice, or unskilled smokers, as the size and weight of the paper make it easier for feeble hands.

Only acceptable as a last resort, when too blazed to roll properly, or if you're smoking brambles.
B: "Right then, chuck us some skins, actuate the phonograph, and stick the kettle on Cuthbert"

C: "I've only my trusty reds. Incidentally, Spa just shut."

B: "You really are a first-class cunt, Cuthbert"
by bmr May 12, 2004
a Blood Color
wears my red bandana
by malice mam July 30, 2003
A great rock band with great lyrics and great music.
I would love to see Red live.
#rock #music #christian rock #awesome #meaningful
by bbtdgfan123 November 29, 2010
Another term for an Apple.
Comes from the logic that say's that if Oranges are orange then we should call Apples reds.
I ate one red.
#apple #orange #yellow #banana #fruit
by judge dredd7 November 11, 2012

The Acronym R.E.D. Is Used To Notify Certain People Of Dangerous Retirees, Who Used To Be Employed In Mainly Government Agencies. Such As The CIA, FBI, NSA, Etc.

2) Acronym Also Used In The Popular Motion Picture, "RED"

Manager- This Is The File Of The R.E.D. Employee Who Used To Work Here Several Years Ago.

Worker- R.E.D. ?

Manager- Retired. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Don't Want Them Screwing Around Here...


Guy- Dude, Did You See That New Movie, "RED"?

Guy 2- Not Yet, But I Heard It Was AWESOME.
#brucewillis #morganfreeman #johnmalkovich #helenmirren #mary-louiseparker #retiree #cia #fbi #nsa #etc
by JPIsacock March 26, 2011
1. Uncontrollable rage with no apparent catalyst; to strike someone for no particular reason.

1. A person with no control over their temper.
Verb: He just pulled a red on that guy and sent him to the hospital.

Noun: Look at that red wailing on that guy for no reason.
#temper #anger #violence #rouge #rojo
by Hunter S. Samson February 17, 2010
red is the color of your lover's lips. of the blood flowing through our veins. it is the color you see when you have a temper. and when you're in love. it's the color that holds so much emotion and meaning you can't ignore it.
red is, and always has been, my favorite color.
#red #scarlet #color #stunning #hot
by Liz McClintock May 26, 2015
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