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The girl must be on her rag. When she is giving you a blow job and you are about to blow your load reach around to her snatch pull out her tampon. Just before you blow, pull out then spray her with your garbage in either eye, slap her with the bloody tampon accross her face and give her a shot to the eye leaving her with a bruise. RED= tampon blood; White= cum; Blue= bruised eye. Only for the romantics out there.
Our love making was so intense and passionate that I gave her a Red, White and Blue. Man, I love her!
by Craig Wiltse July 27, 2006

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blood cum depression garbage love rag. red sex tampon blood white
The experience of being sad (blue) after sex, with an exchange of blood (red) and semen (white).
Red, white and blue occurred when the girl was depressed after having intercourse.
by Maria4 November 07, 2006