When a guy is laying on his back and a chick with a heavy period is riding on top of him, and a bit of the menstrual blood leaks out from her pussy all over his stomach and sheets.
Ric: Yeah, I took this bitchin' ass chick home last night but she didn't tell me she was raggin. She was fuckin me on top and the next thing I know...
Hamilton:... oh no, she didn't...
Ric: Yep, fucking red rider all over my sheets! Bitch!!!
by Smoothie Smoothington July 10, 2006
A Red Rider is a term for the "top" in a gay relationship, or the man who penetrates his partner.

An additional characteristic which makes a Red Rider is that he does not wear protection (condoms) and is into rough sex.
"Watch out for Terry, he's a red rider."
by Spiderm@n1993 January 19, 2010

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