Often reffered to as "ghetto seafood". A place where rednecks, uneducated, ghetto, and often illiterate people go on special occasions, birthdays, aniversarries, weddings. Redlobster is a restaurant which specializes in serving food to the lower portion of society which is why they serve what customers reffer to as, "fried skrimps" with "smashed pertaters". If fathers day is the most confusing holiday for you, or if your entire extended family consists of five people which live in the same double-wide, your favorite restaurant is most likely red lobster.
"Hey hunny happy aniverarry were going to red lobster!!!"

"I want fried skrimps and katchurp with smashed pertators!"

"Keep the buds coming the drunker i get the more romaterk it gets."

"That boy done serve us good whats a good tip on 70, 2 dollars! we cant all be millionianares!!!"
by Rob Byrd July 20, 2006
The Red Lobster is when you are having sex with a woman and she has Crabs and is on her Period.
Dave did the Red Lobster last night with Sandy!
by Caroswen July 07, 2009
When a man unwittingly contracts the STD crabs after having sexual relations with a menstrating woman (raggin').
You know how Bob isn't afraid of fucking chicks that are raggin'. Well, next morning... he woke up with the red lobster.
by Goon, Ed Dogg, & T-Wolf December 01, 2007
When a young man is unable to find proper lubricant and opts to use non-standard items to do the job, thus causing a painful red flare (irritation) in either the vagina or anus. This phrase originates from #Demonoid.
"So I had no lube; I heard douche was made from alcohol and water so I took a little bit of alcohol and a lot of water. We used that but she wound up crying all night over her red lobster."
by dannofthursday September 11, 2006
a sexual act wherein a man fists a menstruating woman and pinches her cervix
"After I removed Jane's tampon with my teeth, she writhed in ecstasy as I gave her a red lobster"
by MJO/BEL September 29, 2006
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