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Red kool-aid flavors such as fruit punch, cherry and strawberry, referred to by coons as 'red kind'
Tyrone: "Yo shaniqua i jus made some kool-aid you want some?"

Shaniqua: "what kind is it?"

Tyrone: "Red kind "

Shaniqua: "Sho nuff"
by NiiZZY March 02, 2008
"Nosferatu, Vampir, Dhampir, Vampire, Cold Ones, Blood Drinkers"

subcategory of "Otherkin" generally stated otherkin are anything not "human", excluding magi,psy
"Red Kind, we walk amongst you, we live with you but are not of you, we are the greatest hunters ever known"
by *Watcher* March 18, 2009