1.) the smallest measurable unit that can be visibly seen
2.) the smallest measurable unit (about 0.001 femtometers)
3.) (Nautical, Nuclear) a quickly estimated unit of length equal to one hundred quadrillionth of a meter, often abbreviated as RHC when females or effeminate males are present.
Dammit! If I could only get that screw in another red cunt hair, this lid could seal!
by NeightR March 08, 2006
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Standard unit of measurement for nearly infinitesimal distances.
"Holy shit, that speeding car missed me by a red cunt hair."
by Sakure April 07, 2003
A unit of measurement favored by old-school southern carpenters and general contractors.
CARPENTER 1:"Say fella...would you step back n' take a look at
n'see how this door fits?"

CARPENTER 2:"Hmmm...'bout a coupla RED CUNT HAIRS off the
bottom oughta' do it.Break out the sander."
by L.MARTIN September 27, 2005
This term denotes an even smaller measurement than a cunthair
Its a little too big, just take a Red cunthair off it.
by Englethrope B Squeebe December 28, 2007

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