When one man puts his dick into another ass hole while he puts his dick into another mans ass hole and while that man sticks his dick into the first mans ass hole.... showing a 3 way all in the ass like the recycling symbol
That Recycling last night was tough work
by barfolomule August 06, 2010
1. the general rule of the living world; we are all in the recycling process and it concerns everything: from simple food and multiplication chain to information exchange and art

2. can be used also for all the actions you undertake to achieve your aim, for example, dating the object of your dreams
1. through recycling one can get into rectyfication and realization

2. wow, this recycling lasts really long but finally it seems that we are in the same loop!
by xalena September 22, 2006
The act of consuming varying amounts of fecal material.

Began in the midwest when shiteating became mainstream and the street term used was 'Recycling'.
Stanley: "Hey man, do you recycle?"

Dwayne: "Yeah. You hungry?"

John: "Yeah, bust that nugget all into my mouth, nigga."
by Bukkake Gargler December 13, 2004
When a man cums, then consumes his cum in any given manner.
Mike always wanks into a glass so he can recycle his spunk.
by topdogg January 24, 2004
to have sexual relations with someone you have previously had sexual relations with, in order to prevent increasing the total number of people you have had sexual relations with.
Elise: Cait, what number are you at now??
Caitlyn: I'm still at 87. I've been recycling *hairflip*
by Caitlyn Liebich September 28, 2015
To go back to your previous significant others multiple times after failed relationships.
I wish my friend would stop recycling her ex-boyfriends.
by Annabelle490 September 27, 2015
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