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When smoking, you blow the smoke out of your mouth, and then immediantly breath it through your nose again, thereby recycling your smoke over again.
Mike: "Hey man, why you breathing all your smoke in?"

Jim: "Recycling man, gets you high quicker."

Mike: "Nice man."
by Hex00010 March 17, 2010
Having sex with exes in order to keep your partner count down.
Tarah: Did you hear about Tiela? She's going out with Pablo again.
Alli: No, she's just recycling him until the end of winter. Or until she gets a new boyfriend. Whatever comes first.
by Teerish December 18, 2007
In the S&M world, when a Dominatrix has her sub-male swallow his own cum.
Its Mistress granted her sub-male the privilege of masturbating in her presence, recycling his own cum as he licks it off her boots.
by Ms Julie April 25, 2008
Verb: The act of swallowing a load of cum, throwing it up into a cup or jar, and swallowing it again (purely for the taste).
When she kissed me, her breath was so bad I thought maybe she'd just got done recycling a dalmatian.
by Gary the Saint August 25, 2010
Something Captain planet tells you to do to save the environment (to do the above)
alright, lets have a recycle party!
by CheapAlert March 03, 2004
The act or process of re-using former sexual partners, either due to lack of forward progress in new sexual partner acquisition, low self-esteem or general inability to "let go"
Dude, I thought you were done with Megan?
I thought so too, I hate to admit it but we started talking again.
Bro, no recycling.
by Freshdb January 10, 2012
the act of re-dating an ex boyfriend/girlfriend of yours
Andy: "Did ya hear Jenn is recycling?"
Dave: "She's helping conserve?"
Andy: "No she's dating one of her ex's again..."
by catesmrksmn February 05, 2010