Way beyond tipsy, drunk, or wasted.
You were totally recycled last night.
by pyius December 10, 2004
Top Definition
A word that is used after a person who gave a witty comeback or a burn.
Student 1: "Is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up?"

Student 2: "Couldn’t help it. One look at you and I started to vomit."

Others: "ohhhhhh!!!! Recycled!!!!!!!"
by SoudertonSlang May 07, 2015
To have sex with a booty call you have had sex with before; to sleep with someone you have already slept with.
Yeah, I totally got laid last night, but he wasn't new, he was recycled.
by Tappah January 03, 2007
A word to describe someone as being fake, trashy (but not overly trashy), overused, waste, and/or unoriginal
Sarah: Lizzie do you see Beth over there?
Lizzie: Ugh. Yes that bitch is so recycled
by Minnesnowtalady January 04, 2015
when someone breaks bro/ho code and dates someone in the same group of friends -- recycle. reuse. retrain.
Girl A, B, & C = Best Friends Forever

Girl A is in a relationship with Boy
Girl A went from in a relationship to single
5 minutes later..
Girl B is in a relationship with Boy

= Recycled :) Go Green.
by Jerry Springer 143 October 14, 2012
To get wasted multiple times.
Bro 1: Bro, that festival was crazy!
Bro 2: Yeah bro, it was like an insane week long binge bro.
Bro 1: Totally, I like got so recycled bro, I'm not even kidding.
Bro 2: Respect to that bro.
Both Bros: To getting recycled!
by 101321 November 13, 2011
To be scheduled to close one night (off at midnight or later) and then open the next morning (starting around 8-9 am).

This happens in retail when only a few people have open availability and/or are skilled enough/trusted enough to open and close
After closing the concession stand at 12:15 I was recycled to open at 8:15 the next morning... giving me 6 hours of sleep, max.
by Name-42 August 31, 2015

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