The act of hooking up with previous sexual partners and/or previous significant others in order to prevent your number from becoming higher and maintaing an appearance of strong morals instead of low standards/values. Although you may be infested with STDs nonetheless.
If you're having a dry spell but don't want to take a chance on a new partner, just call up an ex and recycle.
by jzad_03 October 26, 2009
Top Definition
to take and break down what's already been used and then make it into something else that appears brand new.
it's for you.
by etchasketch January 05, 2004
A concept outside America that is used commonly as a slogan among enviromentalists, some politicians and the like. Recycling is when someone takes used paper, tin cans, milk jugs and the like to a recycling bin so it can be cruched down by machines to be a new product. However a few of the posters here tend to use it as a sex term. And oh a decent source of cash if you need that few extra cents.
Jerry stole the bottles in the recycle bin in his school and traded it off at the recycling center so he could get a few extra dollars.
by derek October 30, 2005
return to a past sexual partner for sex
"My think my number is getting too high."

"Recycle one of your exes."
by Maria Angeline June 29, 2006
When two people lie side-by-side, laying in opposite directions with their backs arched and facing each other. At this point it is possible for each partner to defecate into the mouth of the other partner where they can consume it simultaneously.

It went pretty well. Rebecca and I made out for a while and then went back to my place to recycle
by MC McPoopPants June 17, 2010
When you sleep with someone you have already slept with instead of sleeping with someone new and potentially upping your number.
She recycled with that one guy last night. That means her number is still only 13!
by Thatgirl8869 August 31, 2011
That boring as shit chore that has to be done every other Tuesday thus making Tuesday a shit day.
Bro 1: Dude, wanna chill?
Bro 2: I can't broheim, I have to do recycle.
Bro 1: Oh, I forgot, it's the shittiest day of the week: Tuesday.
by AlGoreisacrackhead March 29, 2011

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