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to procrastinate again, tomorrow or the next day.
the act of placing something that you had been procrastinating on previously, and planning to do on a specific day,(today for example) and setting it off again or giving it one more day.(doing it tomorrow)
Hey man come with us to the movies.
Nah man I can't I've got homework and a project to do. I already procrastinated enough, it's due in 3 days.
Come on dude just recrastinate it for tomorrow.
by hushr September 21, 2006
8 0
To continue to procrastinate in after just learning a lesson about the negative effects of it.
Man, I'm so tired because I had to write that 15-page paper all last night. Good thing the next one isn't due until next Thursday. I've got until Wednesday to start. Time to recrastinate.
by Homeless Dave October 25, 2005
29 5