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a light colored mark left on the skin from jizzing on it.
Oh no its a recklefre...
by TheSpunkyMonkey June 09, 2010
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A pale mark on the skin either from a birthmark from birth or semen from a sexual act. As a birthmark, it is usually found on a pale skined person.
My pale, short freind has a recklefre on her shoulder. No, no don't worry it's JUST a birthmark.
by LOLitsmeeeeeeee June 16, 2010
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A pale marking, usually a circular spot left on the skin by sperm or jizz from a sexual act, such as a handjob.
Whoops, I gave my girlfreind a recklefre. Now everybody know's what we did last night
by Tommytommyboy1459 June 09, 2010
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