When fighting another person, if you get knoced down to the ground, you get back up and start fighting even harder than before, and you kick the other persons ass.
During the fight yesterday Adam got knocked down but he won the fight with a rebound.
by A-State February 19, 2006
a girl who goes to her boyfriend after hitting it up with other guys looking to get some play when he turns her down.
Gurl get cho ace outta hurr rebound.
by depot April 29, 2007
Time it takes a guy to become fully erect after ejaculation.
What is your guy's rebound time? He's the most amazing lover I've ever had. His rebound time is under 10 minutes.
by Jolie St. Laurent April 09, 2006
To bound again, bound for a second time
After I bounded the first time, in a burst of energy, I rebounded.
by Tom Goodman August 02, 2005
To pass a joint back to the previous smoker.
Oi! Rebound that joint blood!
by Xave October 28, 2003
a rebound girl/guy is your side chick/man, when your girl/guy ain't satisfying your needs your rebound girl/guy isn't there for emotional comfort but for sexual healing
chris wasn't gettin the goods from his girl jane so when jane was out of town, he hooked up with her bestfriend kate.
by catherineee July 07, 2005
The act of calling a seat upon leaving. It is yours for an unlimited amount of time, and it is understodd that your friends will guard it for you from other seat foragers in the cafeteria. Synonymous to fives and dibs.
"Hey, don't touch my fucking chair, I called rebound."


"Hey, can I sit here?"
"Nah, sorry man, my friend called rebound."
by abalamashabalabadingdong September 17, 2007

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