Computer hardware, operating system, or software prone to reboots or cause rebooting.
"I had to ditch that old, rebooty system for a new one."

"Installing UNIX was the best thing I ever did, Windows was way too rebooty."

"Dude, I have to wipe my system and start from scratch. That software you gave me was rebooty."
#computers #hardware #systems #reboot #rebooting #bsod #restart #power
by treehead January 19, 2007
Top Definition
1. A booty call made with an ex.

2. A renewed relationship with an ex.
After they broke up, Joe still called Kate for some rebooty on weekends.
#dating #ex #booty #booty call #re-booty
by chittydog January 04, 2007
A booty call made with an ex-sexual partner.
After they broke up, little D is coming back here in a few months, Mattie is so ready for some rebooty.
#dating #sex #booty call #ex #fuckbuddy
by Little D January 19, 2007
When a mind-blowing sexual encounter shocks a person's nervous system and renews a said person (usually single) physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Side effects of rebooty make include: loss of memory of past sexual partners (usually those who deserve to be forgotten) or becoming clear of previous sexual hang-ups.
Nora: "Oh my God, you are beyond glowing. You didn't just have sex -- you had total and complete rebooty."

Rob: "I know. I feel like a totally different person."
#rebootie #re-booty #afterglow #sexual hang-up #sexual encounters #mind-blowing
by NerdAboutTown March 07, 2010
The act of waiting for the sexual organs to re set so that sex can continue and one can experience another orgasm.
After my lover gave me the best orgasm, I had to wait for my privates to rebooty. Or..My man climaxed during intercourse. It took him 30 minutes to {rebooty}, so that we could do it again.
#orgasm #re-do #start over #re-set #intercourse
by annieoakley120 May 08, 2011
When you lose your boner during sex, so you have to reboot before you can get back to the booty. Rebooty. Bam!
Thomas was gettin' hot and heavy with his boo but she asked him what he was thinking so he had to rebooty.
by SouL AsTro March 25, 2016
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