Person set up in opposition to the orthodox leader or president of a group or nation.
The anti-popes were early examples of a rebelprez during various times in the history of the Catholic Church.
by robcraine October 31, 2005
Top Definition
noun; a rebelprez is a person that trolls a message board with accusations, complaints and incompetent allegations. after a ludicrous first post, the rebelprez typically continues to embarrass themselves with dim-witted spelling and grammatical errors. next, the rebelprez will claim that they want to be friends with everyone on the board. eventually, the rebelprez will be laughed off of the message board.
(a rebelprez may also be referred to as a redtrigger)
1. rebelprez, you are an annoying little twit.
2. rebelprez got the innanets goin knuts
3. first rebelprez calls us elitist, apathetic, scoffish, clanish, self-absorbed, and fucking selfish... but now wants to be our friend?! WTF?! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
by donewaiter October 30, 2005
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