a very ugly and nasty and annyoing and boring and pooey and bumholish person...
e.g mi sister
by no comment May 22, 2004
when someone who likes yellow and needs to go to school tries to turn on a tv but can't.
wow that guy keeps on rebelling
by da bom April 10, 2004
girl or guy who has either piercings or tattoos, drinks all the time, smokes, does drugs, does everything they were brought up not to do, anti-authority, & sticks up for themselves.
girl 1: shit, you've changed, you used to be the good girl.
girl 2: fuck off, i'm not who you think i am.
girl 1: look at yourself, you've turned into such a rebel.
by neverneverknow February 02, 2006
A person who does something that's not bad but they think it is
*moves chair a bit*

Oohhhh what a rebel
via giphy
by Po November 10, 2015
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