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1. An extremely deformed and rabid breed of mammal, known to live underground, frequently below objects yellow in color.
2. A retarded dinosaur.
3. One hell of a screenname.
4. Somebody that really likes yellow.
1. Of a retarded, deformed, or mutated state.
2. Incredibly stupid. Incredibly.
Noun: "Oh man, theres a friggin huge reasil under my fridge, dude!" "Is your fridge yellow?" "Well... yeah..." "You had it coming then."
"Dude, your house is hella reasil. Why does it have to be so reasil all the time? You really need to fix this place up."
by Jeff October 26, 2003
noun 1.the screen name (as pertaining to AOL Instant Messenger, i.e. 'AIM') used by the ever popular Fartmaster Flex. 2.the name of a habitat for a particular breed of pink penguins 3.the screen name made to show other screen names how much they suck because 'reasil' is so awesome.
1.Dude, what the hell does your screen name mean... I mean... reasil, dude. 2.let's go back to my reasil and get cozy, baby
3.reasil, need I say more?
by Cory...ahem,fartmasterflex October 25, 2003
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