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From an interview with "The Simpsons" creators.

Regarding "Rear Admiral," I think the answer is probably as disappointing as you feared it might be: it doesn't exist. Here is the actual first draft script excerpt from the Halloween show:

BART: Milhouse. Milhouse, wake up. Quick, look out the window.
MILHOUSE: No way, Bart. If I lean over and put my face against the window, you're gonna smash it, or maybe pinch my butt real hard.

This was the first draft. In re-writing it, the writers wanted to go for something a little funnier, something that would sound like it was from the family of "flying wedgie," "purple nurple," etc. Someone, I do not remember who, said "Rear Admiral." It sounds real, having the word "rear" in it, but it was manufactured to sound real. As far as we know, it doesn't really exist.
Bart: Milhouse...Milhouse, wake up, quick! Look out the window.
Milhouse: No way, Bart. If I lean over, I leave myself open to wedgies, wet willies, or even the dreaded rear admiral!
by jlovato August 18, 2006
343 100
While performing intercourse doggystyle, the man pulls the womans hands behind her back and attempts to thrust her around a room. A full circuit around the room will make you a rear admiral.
You should have seen her knee's after I earned my rear admiral!
by daslew March 19, 2009
140 105
A senior rank in the Navy.
He was promoted to rear admiral
by Ian Chode March 20, 2004
95 96
To knee someone in the nuts from behind.
Jordan was bending over, cleaning his pubes out of the drain, so I took the opportunity to add insult to injury by giving him the rear admiral.
by Doctor Tronik September 12, 2011
37 39
The act of engaging in intercourse with a woman from behind and using the momentum of your movement to propel you across a room. A performer of the rear admiral must hold his hands in the air so as to not balance or steady himself.
I exercised the rear admiral last night with Linda and was able to get 15 feet before we fell down!
by Intaglio5 January 20, 2003
125 133
The title of Rear Admiral is given to a man that has had anal sex with 50 or more women
Kym is a certified Rear Admiral
by Bob Sider August 16, 2006
24 35
The act of engaging in sexual intercourse in the doggy style position. The giver then uses his hands to knock the recievers hands out from under them causing them to fall on their face. You are promoted to a Rear Admiral when you can push your partner anywhere in the room without using your hands.
I did a rear admiral with your girl friend last night.
by SantaClaws488 October 18, 2004
31 48