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The immortal race of sentient starships allegedly waiting in dark space. We have dismissed that claim.
Turian Councilor: Ah yes, "Reapers"!
by Flash Dude August 13, 2010
An egotistical idealistic genius who to achieve his goals he killed his parents. He also thinks about every possible angle rationally and with thought. His personal life is often kept secret with people wanting to know more. Hidden abuse happens in most cases. Goals are to change the world.
Do you know that kid over there? Not really he will probably become a reaper when he grows up he looks smart.
by omniccode May 25, 2009
Term with Automotive origin, used in the context "to pull a reaper"
context: to pull off, or do.
1. A spin, a crash, or a near miss.
2. To fail in something badly or screw it up completely
3. To not succeed

"Damn I spun out again, I keep doing a reaper"

Is also applicable in embarassing situations, for instance, breaking wind infront of females, or "arriving" to early..
"damn, I pulled a reaper!"
by Dori Shed April 10, 2006
a hot guy that is always happy and has many friends that love him and would do any thing for him. he would give you the shirt off his back, or his hoodie if you are cold. he is not afraid of anything and would do anything for his friends(including murder if his friends get hurt). often gloomy bc of the problems in his life but he puts all that aside for his friends so that they can be happy. if you have his love (truely have his love) then consider yourself the luckiest person alive. great kisser, awesome in bed "sex god"
"Reaper is the best friend i have."
friend 1: "he did what to you, hold on Reaper needs to know about this."*ring ring* "yeah reap somebody hurt desirea"
Reaper: "what?!!! who?!!! I'll be right there." *click*
by samurai8888 January 14, 2009
From 'grim reaper', the 'grim' refers to a mans wife/girlfriend being ugly/moody etc.Thus 'reaper'
'wheres Steve tonite?'
'oh hes stuck at home with the reaper'
by geemeister November 18, 2004
one who rips sources. mainly ogc re.
That reaper guy ripped OGC RE!! What a FAGGOT NOOB!
by cam August 12, 2004

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