On the top of the list of American oxymorons, the only aspect of reality that it accurately portrays the American value that you have to be a backstabbing piece of bastard to survive in corporate America just like in shows like Survivor.
Reality TV is the fakest piece of shit ever broadcasted on TV. Except for all the backstabbing and the complete willingness to sacrifice friendships in the name of being self-centered and obsessed with winning something that isn't really worth the price, which is, unfortunately a very real part of our country.

See: Professional Sports
by D-Shiznit June 27, 2005
Well this is a type of television programming favoured by commerical TV stations who rely on generating revenue by advertising. These types of shows appeal to the lowest common denominator which means they dont offer a refined taste or opinion and so by default doesn't turn people off because its not to their particular taste. It also plays on the idea of voyeurism. This in theory means the show attracts a large broad range of viewers as possible which will in turn drive up advertising slot costs and make more money. This is often supplemented by a phone vote feature which generates more money.

In the UK, where the explosion of Digital Terrestrial Television has now given most of the public at least 30 channels to choose from, the big 5 commercial terrestrial channels have employed reality TV as a tactic to maintain large audiences. Most guilty of this is 'itv', nicknamed chavtv whos last two attempts at reality TV were a little too far fetched (celebrity wrestling and celebrity love island) and concequently flopped.

My hope is that this represents a turn in the tide of endless banal reality TV and that the enormous amount of money made off it will be invested into quality TV programming but I think thats unlikely.
o you want to be on a reality TV show?
by Dr Adrian Lewis June 05, 2005
Reality TV: An Irony. It's as scripted as Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice and lines in "The Terminator".
Reality TV on mtv, vh1, etc..

Air head: Omg! Tara just found out Josh cheated on her with Jenna at Tara's own party. Kim got a DUI. Chelsea got a contract with the best supermodeling agencies in the world. Chad just got promoted to a million dollar business, and Kelly found out she got preggers my some random hookup she met at Tara's party. OMG!! Sooo much drama!1

Smart person: You do know that's all scripted, right?

Air head: Ughh! Whatevs!
#sheep #reality rejects #fake #mtv #vh1 #famewhore #famous for being famous
by Erik/Raoul April 09, 2010
Reality TV still exists because producers run out of ideas too quickly or have no ideas what so ever.
Jersey Shore is a (sadly) popular Reality TV show
#cartoons #tv #radio #computer #mtv
by TheMajesticManicorn May 26, 2012
A cash cow that has been milked to death by Fox, ABC, and MTV. The concept was interesting at first, but now the only thing interesting about it is seeing how low the networks will go for ratings. If you watched "Who's Your Daddy?" or "Who wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire?", you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Besides, most of it is staged, anyway.
Just watch the news if you want reality.
by Kevin March 27, 2005
The dominate TV of the 21st century, as sitcoms, westerns, and variety shows were the dominate of the 20th century. Usually like by young adults age 15-40 and includes stuff such as eating cow brains for a million dollars or trying to survive on an island. Or you can have dating shows, which are not that bad, and stuff that are for models and singers.
American Idol, Survivor, and Fear Factor is an example of reality TV.
#reality #crap #fake #celebreality #american idol #gay #mtv #fox #fox reality
by Lil Duff 2008 July 26, 2008
A world bin in wich people come to be recycled!What for?to make money!
for example:"nice people"
by niko November 12, 2003
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