Located in the farthest region of sanity, Reality is many a splendored place. The grass broken and brown and the air smells like chlorofluorocarbons heated to a temperature that is most unnatural. Sounds are often harsh, crashing through the inner membrane of every cell in your body. Everything here is sharp, jagged. Not many people enjoy it there, but often have not a choice.

But do not fear, there is an escape. Beveranges, ranging in potency from that of chocolate milk to vodka, can prevent contact with this most fatal of worlds. The best psychiatric developments, such as LSD, take the "tourist" as we call them, far, far out of the boundaries of Reality.
Possible side effects are death, brain damage, and more death.

"Dude, where are we? It's so hot here, and everything is prickly!"

-"I don't know what this place is, but I don't like it...I've heard on the news that it's called....Reality? How do we get somewhere else?"

"Have you heard about the new product? I can't remember what it's called...LMD....LF....LSD! That's it! Through this genious spaceship, we can go anywhere!"

(Together) "Hooray for science!"
by Tha T. Guy May 28, 2008
Top Definition
A delusionary mental status caused by a pronounced deficiency of alcohol in the bloodstream
I need a beer because all this reality is too much to handle.
by Ciarraine January 20, 2004
(1)working 50 hours a week until the day you die, in order to maintain a "decent" life,
(2)having no excitement in your life unless you choose to slack off and not work,
(3)leaving this planet the same way you entered, naked and cold.
(4)busting your ass to afford your bills while some cocksucker with rich parents gets everything handed to him for free.
reality is my anti-drug.
by The Truth January 01, 2004
A fucked up dream.
Dreamin' is the only way people escape reality
by William Ward March 01, 2004
something that exists independently of ideas concerning it
No matter how many times you say the wall isn't real, you still can't walk through it
by Sarah August 27, 2004
What i've spent the vast majority of my life avoiding.
Reality is like motion... All at the perspective of the viewer
by Neo-Generation November 06, 2003
Suffering and misery.
"Humans define their reality through suffering and misery." - Agent Smith, The Matrix
by Matrixation September 25, 2006
Reality has become a commodity.
When money dictates the content of Wikipedia entries, reality may be defined by the highest bidder.
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