The crack cocaine of television.
In re Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth vs. Ereka Vetrini the court decides that both parties are sentenced to a life on reality tv without possibility of parole
by skipatrol August 06, 2004
1.Television show that pretends to be real when in fact is also scripted. Shows such as Survivor and American Idol.
2. Bad television
3. Ryan Seacrest thinking he can act.
I hate reality TV. He said. Nobody agreed with him, for most americans are morons who will watch anything.
by Michael Hammersley February 25, 2005
Low-brow television, unscripted material from actual people. People may be suffering or under stress.

Also: most reality TV shows characters contain at least a high majority of white people, one token black person, one token asian person, and one token hispanic person.
Big Brother, Survivor, Joe Millionaire, The Littlest Groom, are examples of reality TV.
by Akit February 29, 2004
a TV genre in which you watch over-sexed people complain about each other
Reality TV is not very realistic
by *tweak* September 23, 2003
A new wave of network and sometimes cable television that features "ordinary" people, and is supposedly unscripted; often competitive with motives to win monetary prizes; notorious for being a waste of time yet addicting to many.
"Why are you watching reality TV again?" the children's father questioned.
by Strokes fan February 01, 2004
A waste of time. They just make a bunch of crazy, pointless shows with these hillbillies that they find on the side of the road. Or, more likely, find under a rock. The shows consist of rednecks trying useless attempts at catching large fish with their bare hands, trading a sheep for a car, and arguing over a storage box that may or may not have something useful in it. These shows involve sluts sitting on motorcycles for absolutely no reason and terribly-fake staged bar fights.
(Guy 1) Hey did you watch the new episode of Hillbilly Handfishing on the reality TV channel?
(Guy 2) Yes, and I almost died of boredom

(Guy 1) Have you ever watched Storage Wars?
(Guy 2) *runs and hides under bed*
(Guy 1) I'll take that as a no...?
by IAmAUnicorn April 03, 2013
Bringing YouTube to the big screen since 2005. Most reality TV shows are just dignifed YouTube stuff all packed together in a half hour or hour.

Also the sign that America is losing it's creativity and intelligence.
I am watching a reality TV show about little bratty kid. Shit, that is on YouTube all the time.
by Kyle230 June 20, 2009
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