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On the top of the list of American oxymorons, the only aspect of reality that it accurately portrays the American value that you have to be a backstabbing piece of bastard to survive in corporate America just like in shows like Survivor.
Reality TV is the fakest piece of shit ever broadcasted on TV. Except for all the backstabbing and the complete willingness to sacrifice friendships in the name of being self-centered and obsessed with winning something that isn't really worth the price, which is, unfortunately a very real part of our country.

See: Professional Sports
by D-Shiznit June 27, 2005
The most retarded idea ever made. It wouldn't be so bad if every single reality show wasn't as scripted as watching a sitcom. The real world is not REAL. Why do you think in EVERY season the black dude always goes crazy and doesn't get along with the white people. Because he's paid to and thats what the script says. Reality tv is as real as Santa Claus. MTV specifically seems to like to air shows with stupid teenagers trying to get a date by going out with thier mom or trying to not get "next-ed" but their stupid shows have teenagers in it that are not convincing at all and have way too many coincidences for it to ever be real. People who actually like that shit are retarded 30 year olds that live in their parents basement still crying about the fact that they had no friends in highschool so they cut themselves at night and listen to emo music.
Reality TV wouldn't be so bad if it was actually real and not all writen on a script in every single fucking show ever made.
by -Donald Trump- May 13, 2006
A good example of how easy people can be entertained in the world of today.

Usually consists of 20 or so people, whoms IQ would add up to 64 if combined and have absolutely no chance of making it in the real world. Instead, you watch these people make total asses of themselves for public tv.

A waste of time, and a good example of how networks just have too much money and no good ideas. It was started my Road Rules of MTV(figures)
Person 1: Are you gonna watch that new reality tv show about two monkeys scratching their balls?

Person 2: No, I'm gonna watch that new one about people inventing stupid shit.
by Fuckitall June 02, 2006
The stuff people watch when they want to get away from their own pitiful realities.

Like soap operas, but with a cash prize at the end.
The Apprentice, Survivor, Girls vs. Boys, etc.
by Blast February 08, 2005
The mirror through which we can see the decline of our civilization.
If the Roman Empire was aroung today, reality TV would be the cause of its decline.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
A really stupid idea those fuckshots from FOX decided to develop.
Guy #1: Did you see that new reality TV show on Fox last night?
Guy #2: Uhh..no, it looked too gay. Besides, jumping off a skyscraper for 200 bucks isn't reality...IT'S A FUCKING GAME SHOW!
Guy #1: Survivor doesn't have that!
Guy #2: Survivor was an excuse of a TV show. They interviewed a bunch of fucks on nation TV, turned them against each other, and then gave the winner money. GAME. SHOW.
Guy #3: Yea, and besides, they starved themselves. We're doing a hella great job of making sure our youth aren't becoming anorexic or bulemic aren't we?
Guys #1&2: Where the fuck did you come from? How did you get in?? Get the fuck outta our house!
by Hextacy July 05, 2006
The crack cocaine of television.
In re Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth vs. Ereka Vetrini the court decides that both parties are sentenced to a life on reality tv without possibility of parole
by skipatrol August 06, 2004