a shitty ass excuse for a TV show.

something people with no lives talk about durring social times.

Girl: Oh My God did you see the new real world it was so dramatic and good. that josh is such a hottie
Me: are you fucking kidding me bitch make me a sandwich and film it we'll send it into mtv because that is as interesting as that bullshit. fuck you. fuck reality tv. get a life.
by DoUNoTylrDurden April 10, 2005
The reason why God will one day regret having created humans and destroy us all.
Reality tv sucks major!!!!
by speakthetruthandonlythetruth July 22, 2005
You can watch as the western world culture declines and cheapens. How long can you watch people on an island and still be entertained by it?
Reality TV is slowly taking over the airwaves while good programming like "ren and stimpy" is nearly impossible to find.
by Jabbers August 30, 2004
I'm not sure if it's TV, but I'm sure that whoever came up with the idea needs to be taken out and shot. Repeatedly.
He watched reality TV and lost his IQ in the process.
by Ainolketta February 18, 2005
Shallow television because reality TV is a one trick pony. It relies on stretching out tension ridiculously and keeping interest with promising plot twists. In most cases, after you see a reality tv series once you pretty much show no interest to watch it again, and that's the only factor that will keep dramas and comedies alive on television. Unfortunately reality TV has saturated the networks so much that mundane fictional television shows are getting praise because there is a huge lack of variety despite hundreds and hundreds of channels. Reality tv = tv hell
"Fuck I hate reality tv."
by ih8uplzdie November 01, 2004
a supposid "Television Show" in which the "cast" are all 20 something attention-starved Mediawhores/fags who daddys pulled strings to get them on TV and get everything they want off Daddys Credit Card and desrved to be shot or stabbed in the base of the skull with my bamboo stick - Spoilt Brats need to die!!!
Reality TV is full of 20 somethings starving for attention - i need me 9mm Glock to shoot there asses off the face of the earth!!
by Brother Number One October 21, 2003
Shows that get their entertainment value from the fake suffering of the cast members going through "real life" situations that never happen in the first place.
Joe Millionaire licks ballsack.
by poopie face April 26, 2003
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