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Conversation of major importance.
*friend walks up on group having a discussion*

dude 1- "hey, could you give us a second? we're having a real talk"

*friend leaves no questions asked*
by lo nicole May 12, 2010
The act of keeping it "real".Truth telling statements .Meaning what you say .
"I hate the color pink, and that's some REAL TALK right there"
by adverb July 20, 2008
Factual statement, Speaking truth, Telling the truth, Expressing true feelings
On some real talk..that nigga silly cuz..he rollin' hotscore my dude..
by fmm223 November 08, 2008
A heart to heart, pulling no punches, down to earth God's honest
conversation, getting down to serious business after light hearted banter.
Sooner or later I am going to have serious real talk with the woman that I love.
by St. Ias September 17, 2005