when your saying something and no one believes you say this to make them not believe you even more
i'm telling the truth. like realtalk
by #upoutmyface# girl November 10, 2011
A conversation with someone while intoxicated divulging their true feelings about something.
We need to have some serious realtalk about Rebecca and Ryan.
by Darcy&Rebecca May 03, 2011
a term used in serious situations. Usually used when making a point, somewhat replacing the word "swear".
"... real talk I aint playin, Im bout to beat yo ass!"

"real talk get from infront of my house before I shoot you!"
by ShawnIcey August 02, 2009
a phrase that rosh and jod use in their everyday language, which is about every 5 seconds
Rosh: Ayee doe burr, real talk, my fart stinks.

Jod: Ayee burr, real talk, that was you? NASTY.
by hoochiedisciple October 26, 2012
n. The act of setting an argument with your girlfriend to lyrical prose. See also R. Kelly
Girl, they don't eat with us; they don't sleep with us;
What THEY eat don't make US shit!
Real talk.
by alpha planet May 29, 2010
A phrase two "bros" use to go to a different room by themselves during a party without the necessity to prove they're not homos.
(Person A hosting a party)
Person A: I heard Fred was talking to your girl yesterday on the phone...

Person B: Real talk. let's go to your room..
by (^w^)b December 07, 2010
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Used to emphasize utterly truthful statements
Person 1: Man Michigan sucks
by BuckeyeLakerCub November 23, 2010
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