Used as a sentence enhancer to let people know your a real nigga. Commonly used by hardasses.
Jacob Hafford: " Ill beat all yalls asses! Real Talk!"
Others: " Shit he must be foreal!"
by Touchmyself October 28, 2010
when someone says real talk it's when someone talks openly with the truth, sometimes used in a funny way when talking about something silly
Arin: Hey Jon, look at that goomba!
Jon: Real talk; that fuckin' mountain's staring at us!
Arin: Holy SHIT AHHHH!
by Ambidextroid December 21, 2012
used to reassure a statement to people with doubts, da truth
guy: bla, bla, bla
Guy2: for real?
guy: real talk!
by zay zay November 10, 2008
truth, factual information, also can be used to back up a sentence
White Guy: Whats goin on my friend(places hand on black guy's shoulder)

Black Guy: you dont know me and if you put your hands on my shoulder one more time, I will beat your a** Real Talk man
by stereotypicalblackguy August 14, 2005
Usually used to denote a conversation involving very serious or personal matters.
*Friend 1 just finishes talking about the state of his grandfather's deteriorating health with Friend 2*

Friend 1: I'm sorry for bringing down your mood with this conversation. That's not why I came here. Enough real talk and let's grab a drink.
by G-Man8776 June 16, 2014
Phrase popularized by R. Kelly in his song "Real Talk" (look it up) meaning true or for real. It can be used more lightly to simply mean really, das da truf or ya you heard me, bitch.
R. Kelly: Girl, my momma ain't gotta screen no calls from me, real talk. And watch yo mouth.

R. Kelly: They don't eat with us! They don't sleep with us! Besides, what they eat don't make us shit! Real talk.
by Cynthia Jarvis June 01, 2012
when your saying something and no one believes you say this to make them not believe you even more
i'm telling the truth. like realtalk
by #upoutmyface# girl November 10, 2011

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