A sober reality that realizes that even though life sometimes sucks you keep moving forward.
Get used to the real world...if you don't like your $5.50/hr job go develop a skill that pays more.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
One reason why MTV has gone down the toilet. Basically, Real World is just another boring "reality TV" show.
Nowadays, MTV devotes at least 8 hours of its day to Real World marathons/reruns.
by AYB July 08, 2003
when EmpTy V searchese all across america for seven different people that when put in a house together will make an interesting show and ruin the seven peoples lives.. you ecentially (give or take) have the prep, the bitch, the annoying skinny blonde, the outkast, the gay, the person who feels very strongly about there ethnicity, the one black person, and then they stick some others in for the rest to have sex with and bitch and make the show "interesting..." somtimes they drop they gay or the ethnic persom and stick somone violent in... they put them in some kickass home and give em a job and give em a confessional and provoke them to drink and have sex and fight and then have them watch it later and realize that ur parents DONT KNOW NORMAL KIDS THAT AGE ACT LIKE THAT... but it sure is funney to watch
"i was watching the real world the other day and sharla had sex with some random stranger she met at a club!"
by ally August 31, 2004
a reality show that isnt literally scripted, but it basically is because they stick a gay person, a homophobe, an alcoholic, a christian, and a bitch in it. see lame
the real world sucks major penis
by sam June 07, 2004
The program that screwed MTV over...DAMN YOU REAL WORLD
A typical conversation in the real world:
Skank 1: "OMG (Insert name here) you're such a bitch!
Skank 2: Well maybe if your greedy ass didn't steal that penny, I wouldn't be a bitch, eh!!??

(Gets stupider EVERY year!)
by A2P December 07, 2004
funny ass show. its pretty lame, but i get addicted to the stories cause they are funny when they fight and flip out about nothing or get so drunk they almost die. i thought it was soooo fuckin funny on chapelle show where they had the 5 crazy black people and a white guy. like how in the MTV real world they have a house full of 5 crazy white people and a black or spanish person.
lmao did u guys see the episode with frankie and randy when she was yelling at him and he's like TALK TO ME ANOTHER TIME WHEN IM NOT DRUNK and shes like YOUR ALWAYS DRUNK!! and then he flipped and he was like DONT SAY IM ALWAYS DRUNK CAUSE THAT MEANS IM A ALCHOHOLIC AND IF U SAY THAT TO ME I WILL CRY. omg i was laughing so hard.
by deenie June 18, 2004
something you call someone who talks like they are on a reality show - letting you know everything about them when you really dont care.
hi my names catherine, my familys irish so they have irish accents and jono was over for dinner and they kept talking and he was like "are you guys irish" and im like of course! oh i lived outside of ottawa for 3 years in a town of 100 people it was terrible, i had to leave...
by clockwork February 16, 2004

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