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A phrase used to describe a speaker’s words as irrefutable, honest, heart-felt or “gospel”.
“Man, that pig took my chain and kicked me in my dick.”
”That’s some real spit, cuz.”
by Luke Madrid June 25, 2007
another word for real talk; something that is true
james:"damn fam..yo breath smell like 3 day old dog shit..real spit"
by breeyona July 31, 2008
to express real feelings or emotions on a certain subject. like when you want to tell someone that you are earnest or somber about what you are saying. this is only to be used when you are trying to express true feelings. you say "real spit" after you say your opinion.
you are really cute : real spit.
by vietgirlandrami[: June 17, 2009
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