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Excellent, fantastic, good stuff

As used by Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" by Alex
the car was puring away real horror show
by Tom the man November 14, 2004

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a minor ben stiller peeps urine soaked cock whizfest
From the book "A Clockwork Orange": a good thing or something cool to look upon
I bashed him in the mouth and the blood started to flow, real horror show like...
by sohigh4219 April 17, 2005
Just when things can't possibly get worse....THEY GET WORSE!!!! Defining life at it's worst, or so you think!
My week? You ask about my week? My finacee's uncle died, my neice is in the hospital, I have leukemia, my car is crapping out and I'm piss ass broke. A real, horror show.
by Andi February 09, 2005