Going 24 hours and solving any problem that comes into your life.
Liz-hey can you help me with a problem
Jack- Sure I am Reaganing
by Theinsaneclownpossie October 25, 2010
Top Definition
An underhanded way to avoid lying under oath. The term is derived from Ronald Reagan's comments and testimony during the Iran-Contra hearings. When asked difficult questions about his involvement in illeagally funding the Contras, rather than pleading the 5th he would just say "I don't recall."

Usually when someone refuses to answer a question during testimony they look guilty, Reagan just sounded like a dumbass. Was it just a scam or had the alzheimers already started to affect him?
When testifying during the senate hearings, Tony Hayward, was reaganing when he said he was "not involved in that decision," several times, rather than admit the truth: BP fucked up!
by Charles_U_Farley November 19, 2010
A continual streak of perfection. Simular to a 'no hitter' in baseball however with a more broad application that refers to a series of non-related events. Named after the 40th President of the USA Ronald Reagan.
I have been Reaganing this whole day. Every single thing I have done has been completed perfectly and then some.
by Mr.Marbles October 22, 2010
To complete a 24-hour time period making zero mistakes. From the TV show 30 Rock.
"Making it through a full 24-hours without a single misstep is called Reaganing. The only other people who have ever done it: Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, and, no judgement, Saddam Hussein." - Jack Donaghy
by mvn October 22, 2010
To do everything perfectly, solve every problem, never mistake all day just like president Ronald Reagan once did.
Jack is reaganing today.
by dj57 October 22, 2010
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