when a dude is pulling a girl and goes for the arm around the back technique, so shes not getting away
yo man, dave went for the bear grab reach around technique in this instance. on julie
by Biff Nolan March 31, 2006
a homesexual activity in which the person doing them gives them a handjob
Gay peole love getting a reacharound
by Pat October 13, 2003
A game that wich only man can play. Where you throw a ball is throw'in behind your back to another person. Quit like the flow of atoms.
The guys played reacharound for hours!
by Micheal Saul June 17, 2006
To screw someone over behind their back or to rip someone off while pretending to be honest
I thought he was an honest mechanic, but he's been giving me the reach around this whole time
by doagggg November 20, 2015
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