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A cocktail invented in San Francisco containing Disaronno, Jack Daniels and Coke
Good to have a reacharound in a local bar
by The Vegas Kid 2011 April 06, 2011
These requirements must be satisfied:
1. Two men are in a room together and they are naked.
2. They both like each other enough to penetrate the other.
3. They are both gay.
4. One man (the bitch of the two) is taking it up the ass. (by "it" I mean the other man's penis, and by "up the ass" I mean up the ass.
5. The man who is ramming his rim-rod up and around his partner's sphincter must then use one hand to "Reach-Around" and masturbate his partner until he cums.
6. It can be done with two girls as well but then it's not as funny. Oh and they don't necessarily have to have penises.
Harry Potter was fucking Ron Weasley's asshole nice and hard when Ron asked him for a reach-around, shortly after this, Ron's penis was spewing out a geyser of gayness.

One time Hermoine asked Ron for a reach-around, however, Ron informed her that she didn't have a penis.
by Captain Penis November 07, 2006
Used to describe a task that is unnecessarily laborious and time-consuming.
Illegally downloading films used to be so easy.... now it's one hell of a reach around!
by Vince Masuka September 17, 2012
the act of stimulating your partner's phallus during or after anal sex (Usually, given as a reward).
Poot and his friend were lying naked on a black, leather couch. The friend said "I'm tired of catching. Let me pitch for a change...I'll even give you a reach around." Poot responded with "Bitch, I don't get reach arounds. I give them!"
by Chilidogger May 22, 2011
n: when behind a girl, usually in a bar, the act of reaching between her legs and tickling her frontal.
. . . frickin' Chris just gave that chick a reach around. She is not happy.
by swinearoo September 01, 2009
a back-handed compliment
A: You guys will definitely win the election. People always vote for funny over substance.

B: Wow, that guy just gave you the reach around!
by 'Night Mare March 18, 2009
At the end of the shower you have to reach around and spread your buttocks to rinse out trapped soap.
Every day in the shower Danny would reach around and spread his cheeks to make sure he wasn't still soapy.
by Perfect Skier December 29, 2006