At the end of the shower you have to reach around and spread your buttocks to rinse out trapped soap.
Every day in the shower Danny would reach around and spread his cheeks to make sure he wasn't still soapy.
by Perfect Skier December 29, 2006
Loveline term used to describe mutually rewarding sexual experience whereby the deliverer of services approaches the recipient from behind by slowly placing his or her hand on the recipients sensitive pubic area
Adam told Drew that he was interested in a reach around because he hadn't had time to relieve his stress all day.
by Anonymous July 10, 2001
when a man and a woman are having sex; the woman reaches around and stimulates his testicles or his penis.
she was riding me on top, then she did a reach around behind her and rubbed by sacks!

i was hittin that from the back, when she did a reach around and jacked my shaft and rubbed my balls - it was great!
by SSG JC August 28, 2007
Occurs when a prison bitch or a homosexual male is on the receiving end of getting fucked in the ass while the male fucking him simutaneously reaches around, grabs his receiver's cock and jerks him off.
Big Bubba really liked the way his white collar convict prison bitch Joey moved, pushed and worked his mangina; so he treated to Joey to a reach around.
by slicksal October 23, 2006
A driving maneuver where a tail-gater moves from left to right to ensure he/she is visible in all of your mirrors.
As if tailgating wasnt bad enough, this idiot is giving me a reacharound!
by willyman82 February 09, 2010
Hand Job while ridin ur bitch on the back of ur Hog.
I took my bitch out ridin' and she gave me a reach around.
by diggdugg4 September 16, 2007
during gay sex,when one man is fucking the other in the ass and reaches under his partner and jerks him off
That dirty mexican robert gave gay ray a reach around last night
by Gothic Bob October 04, 2004
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