Spanish word, used mostly in Argentina, that means "so" or "very". It's the contraction of "recontra"
- "Esto es re importante" or "Esto es recontra importante" : = "This is very important"

- "Es re aburrido esto" or "Esto es recontra aburrido" = "This is so boring"
#re #muy #very #so #recontra
by Santiago Banegas April 27, 2007
Online speak for roll eyes, the user is usually being sarcastic or is angry.
"1 + 1 = 2 right?"
"No, RE"
by Elle Dee August 31, 2005
IT Means RESIDENT EVIL You Flipin N00bS!
ShadowLeggy Fricking Pwns at making her "Resident Evil" Musical Videos YO!
#re #resident #evil #shadow #leggy
by SimonHayleyGrl May 30, 2008
its short for relax or calm down. RE!
Random #1: WHERE'D MY PENCIL GO!!??
Random #2: RE!
#relax #calm down #stop #slow down #woah!
by dopemamamickey December 14, 2005
it means Resident Evil, you numbnuts!
Jill almost became a "Jill Sandwitch" in the video game Resident Evil
by Nick May 28, 2005
1.) A word commonly associated with neopets. It is short for 'restock' and used often when one is restocking in a team. When 're' is announced, the others of the convers are provoked to shut up to prevent lags.
Shhhh, its re!
by Java February 15, 2003
Word commonly used by English people to voice digust / anguish at anothers' actions
"No Ben, you re!"
by Tommo August 04, 2003
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