Stands for Raw-Dogging Randoms: The act of going out with your homeboys and finding some drunk and dirty girls (randoms) and taking them home with you and doing them right. One strict rule of RDRing is that you MUST NEVER see or hear from the randoms again.
Yo bro, check out those drunk ass chicks over there!
Are you ready to RDR tonight?
Hell Yeah! I love me some randoms!
by The Rasta Shark July 01, 2011
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Red Dead Redemption
Ima play sum rdr now
by Jeepaz May 22, 2010
read don't respond
rdr = when someone opens your message, read it, and didn't respond
by j.jellybean June 10, 2016
The practice of Ramming Dudes Rawdog
"When Chris got thrown in the drunk tank he totally got RDRed in the shower."

"Hey Ceaser, did you wear protection with that dude you met at the Purple Dolphin last night?" "No you silly goose egg, I RDRed him."

(AKA Rump Raidering)
by RaiderH8ter September 24, 2011
Read don't reply.
Used when you or someone reads a message and doesn't reply
Dawg, she asked if I wanted to go out with her but Imma shy guy styll. So imma rdr.
by Raiiiiii June 10, 2016
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