1. showy, gaudy

2. adroit deception
They had festooned the house with razzle-dazzle all over.
by The Return of Light Joker March 04, 2009
Top Definition
extremely flashy .colorful..loud .overkill..shiny ..
he is dressed all razzle dazzle with the diamonds n gold
by crou July 21, 2006
To show something flashy or fancy that distracts your audience of how terrible something really is.
1. Man, the acting in our show is shit. Good thing we razzle dazzled them with the cool set and lights.

2. My final portfolio I turned in for Economics this semester was God awful. I razzle dazzled the hell out of it though with highlighters so it looks like I took good notes.
by Jessikuh_2010 June 25, 2009
n. noisy or showy fuss like wearing too much gold when drunk.
Man that clart was a well Razzle-dazzle last night.
by punkskaitch February 07, 2005
To be blinded by the light of a lovely goldie lookin chain
"fuck'n ell clart, tha chain's a bit razzle dazzle innit"
by mr jones of da port April 01, 2003
Verb: to own someone, or tell them who is boss
Adjective: awesome or skilled
Headshot! I just went Razzle Dazzle on that bitch's ass!

Thomas Edison was pretty Razzle Dazzle at making light bulbs.
by 23llamasRfuzzy March 11, 2009
A mixed drink; concocted by adding an entire fifth of bacardi rum razz into a full 2 liter pepsi (your choice of diet or regular) and consumed directly from the bottle. recommended time: 15 minutes
homie 1: yo, how can we not waste the chase?

homie 2: lets make a razzle dazzle!!!
by general beckman May 29, 2010

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