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To pleasure oneself, usually in the wee hours of the morning, such as 4 a.m. Typically, some sort of visual stimulus, along the lines of a magazine, is involved. Additionally, a cloth of some type, like a favorite shirt or wall hanging, is necessitated for the purposes of "clean-up."
Danny didn't really have a curfew, he just wanted to get home to razzle.
by 2ob May 19, 2007
1 6
British Navy slang meaning to go out to get pissed usually by doing a pub-crawl and ending up having sex with a prostitute.
Geoff an' me are out on the razzle tonight, you want to come?
Nah! I'm boracic.
by Croatalin November 23, 2013
27 1
To beat someone, or to manhandle someone or something
And then Batman came and razzled the jokey
by Kuroshi September 17, 2003
41 19
The best candy ever.
First it's candy, then it's GUM!
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
25 9
the parts of the paper from spiral notebooks that attaches to the rings. perforated so you can "easily" take them off.
"Dude, i'm so bad at taking the razzles off, i always rip the paper!"
by skibum23 January 26, 2009
13 1
Australian noun for cocaine.

- Origin
Derivation of the informal British phrase 'on the razzle', which means out celebrating or enjoying oneself: "he's out on the razzle again". Also razzmatazz.
"Hey, who's up for getting on the razzle tonight?"
by Mr Razzle May 30, 2013
11 1
grimey, low-end jazz mag known for its not-so-hot models/reader's wives.

perfect for quickly knocking one out in a phonebox, toilet cubicle or car park - with your hood up.
1 copy of razzle, a box of kleenex and 100 pound t-mobile please m8
by Thomas Browne April 09, 2009
17 7
Having stronger feelings then "liking" for a significant other.
Ryan Razzle's Sarah So much and wouldn't trade anything in the world for her. <3
by S Ryan L June 09, 2008
14 9