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1942- American coll.
A deviation of razzle-dazzle.
1..Something that is gaudy in action or display.
2..Something outdated.
That sequin hat with its fether is perfect for mardi-grais, but for the opera it is really quite razzmatazz.
Who wears spats anymore, they are really quite razzamatazz.
by Brion December 09, 2004
A form of Anal Herpes.
As in "Hey, look at all that Razzamatazz on your anus."
by Razzmatazztrophe March 09, 2010
A smoothie from Jamba Juice.
Customer: May I please have a razzamatazz?
Cashier: That'll be an overpriced-amount-of-money.
by Jupiter Java May 15, 2005