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annoy someone
"Will you please stop razzing me, Reham?"
by Iyad Center January 26, 2013
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to make fun of
by jel September 02, 2003
303 193
Noun: A Nigerian slang used to describe obnoxious individuals who try desprately hard to fit in.

Verb: To act in Razz
Ex Noun: "I can tell the razz bunch by their clothes"

Ex Verb: "Dont be razz" or "Dont be a razzo"
by naijababe February 14, 2005
144 63
to get very drunk
We're going out on the razz.
by R. September 05, 2003
125 86
do talk up girls
mate i razzed some prime biddy yesterday
by Supreme.Pete October 20, 2011
44 20
To heckle or laugh at contemptuously. It comes from the word razzberry (raspberry), a sound of contempt made by protruding the tongue between the lips and expelling air forcibly to produce a vibration. Like what chimpanzees do.

What Duane said to his girlfriend when he got home from work after walking around all day with his zipper down.
Girlfriend: "How was your day at work today, Duane?"
Duane: "I got razzed by the guys again today."
by pedicabber April 18, 2005
65 49
Razz- to ride
For example. Today, I went for a razz on my motorbike with friends.

Motorcycle specific lexis.

When asking if you want to go for a ride.
Person 1- Razz?
Person 2- Yeah, sure :)
by Mr60ftlesbianoctopus July 09, 2011
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