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V. The sexual act in which a male ejaculates onto the face, and/or body of a female recipient. This is immediately followed with a handful of glitter with various coloration.

N. A mixture of male ejaculate and glitter distributed across a female surface, i.e. face and/or body.
V. Jordan was very impressed with Abigail's sexual prowess, but the icing on the cake was when she requested he razmatazz across her face.

N. The razmatazz on Abigail's face reminded Jordan of arts and crafts from his childhood days.
by T-Pazz January 03, 2008
When a guy ejaculates onto another guy's pink sock, and the owner of said pink sock sucks the jizz off with a straw.
"Dude, Hal gave Darryl a razmatazz!"
by Ray Padonky August 20, 2007
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