A variation on teabagging. When a guy squat over someone else and lowers their testicles over the other persons eyes.
She was on her back so I gave her some raybans.
by joe December 30, 2004
a sunglass brand that's on the fashionable and affordable side. They have become popular over the years. Almost everyone wears them these days. They are sold at Sunglass Hut and Holt Renfrew. These Italian made sunglasses are worth owning since they are well made and last years and years.
guy: "avoid the dollar store. Buy real Wayfarers from Ray-Ban!"

guy 2: "They are well made I take it?"

guy: "For a $150-$250 price range I would have to say they are!"
by dudelistico2012 August 08, 2011
The act of placing your ballsack on a girl's eye sockets while receiving fellatio from her.
"Hey you shoulda seen the Ray Bans this chick was wearing last night, she couldn't see a damn thing."
by Edogg February 09, 2006
when a guy rests his testicles over the girls eyes, making itlook like sunglasses
last night this girl was sucking my nuts and I then gave her raybans
by jn November 27, 2003
The Act of Pulling your Scotum over the females eyes and dropping your testicles in the two of the sockets
W00t. I just gave my mom some ray bans.
by Jason June 29, 2003
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