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A new political party. It is the Rave party. It is more fun than the Conservative party, and more socially acceptable than the Neonazi party. It can just kind of replace the Liberal party, because it's pretty much the same thing except with socialized ecstacy instead of socialized medicine.

The Ravist Party's color is neon. Our nominee for the next presidential election is Kurt Cobaine. (It doesn't matter that he's dead, it just means that the Ravist Congress will have more power than the president. Now sit back and imagine a session of Ravist Congress.)

Electronic music would instantly become patriotic and every day would be like Fourth of July except with LSD and sex instead of barbecues.

We can amend the constitution to make the Supreme Court into an underground dance party with a glow-in-the-dark pen.

We will make this an official choice for your Facebook political status and when we turn 18 we want to be able to register as a Ravist.
I am switching my political status from Liberal to Ravist.
by Random Chick Got Bored June 11, 2006
A person who listens to rave/techno. and has a loud sound system. kinda like me! be warned that if your music is too loud...people are just way too old crank that amp up!
to be a ravist you must have a sound system that is so loud that it vibrates your entire house and can get the law called on you. thats happened 6 times for me :D they didn't do anything. they just asked why I didn't invite them. cops where I live are awsome!
by Lucid Ravist January 11, 2010
ginger child who thinks he is ghetto
usually a good runner who is belimic
yo look at that Ravis-T who thinks hes all ghetto with his doo rag while he throws up for his big race
by nick g miller August 02, 2008
One Who Afflicts Themselves To Become Addicted To Bunk Ass Raves... Sick E-Tard(s) :\
I have a friend who is sitting here, and she's a hardcore ravist... what a fool...
by Brad ... MysteriouS November 18, 2004
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