ok i see alot of the norm here and Goth Ravers.. well the correct term for them is Gravers.... but anyway one thats missing that dissapointes me because i am one is

Cyber Kids - Generally considerd a hacker ect but in the rave scene they are a mix of a Candy Kid and a Graver they will wear the baggy pants with straps ect and a tight or loose fitting shirt and all that good stuff, unlike most Gravers they do not think themselves to good to dance but rather they indulge in it, they generally wont wear much candy but they will wear some, not as brightly colors or generally silver bead bracelets, some will have a stuffed toy or not but most do the candy kid thing of giving hugs/candy/toys all that to people for no aparent reason, there all around really cool people to chill with and are open, they dont secule themselves like a graver but are more open... there basicly what i said.. a Mix of the 2 candy kid+graver = Cyber Kid!
look at that graver he has candy on him!
duh it's because hes a cyber kid!
by Prizzem October 15, 2004
Someone who attends raves regularly.
That girl is a raver.
#raver #rave #partier #raves #ravers
by whaaaaaat freak March 08, 2008
Yes, many types, but mainly a person who loves to listen to techno, trance and has to be into the glowsticks or else just isn't a *raver. Good or not good they will rave, to feel the music. The good ones like to battle as to who is a better raver. Some decide to get on X and other don't, but they still have fun. Their fashion sense can vary depending on their type of person. Goggles are an option along with other cyber clothing with neon colors that glow in the blacklight. It just makes a better light show while their raving, but not all wear super baggy clothes. And they go to underground or non-underground rave parties in or away from the city. Some also tend to like body jewelry that glows in blacklight or not and they take their glowsticks everywhere. Hanging them in your car is a raver option. That's kind of the basic and ravers have their own uniqueness depending on how they want to be seen by others.
"We were on X while our raver friend, Tommy gave us a light show with his glowsticks"
#rave #ravers #techno #trance #glowsticks
by Melody Rea September 26, 2005
A raver is an individual who attends all night dance parties, sometimes illegal, where Djs spin techno with heavy bass and flashy lights on a regular basis, sometimes consuming "club" drugs such as ecstasy, ketamine a.k.a. "Special K", LSD/acid and cocaine to enhance the enviornment.
There are all different types of ravers in the scene, such as jungalists, kandie kids, club kids, old-skool ravers, graver ravers (goth ravers), and the ravers who don't fall into a catagory but simply go for the music, people, and vibes.
Alot of non ravers picture a raver as a colorful, washed out drug addict. But there are, in fact, sober ravers that won't touch drugs and go for the music to dance the night away. These are the ravers that set a good example.
Raves are becoming more and more popular and less underground.
omg,I'm rolling soo hard! Its my first rave! Wow, I love ravers!!

Awesome! would you like a lightshow?


*gives lightshow*

*Newbie looks in awe, as if it was the best thing in the world*

#techno #dance #drugs #glowsticks #rave
by Cook-E January 16, 2007
Someone who goes to all the good parties. Someone who travels to be at a musicfest usually house music. Someone who goes to work in the morning after partying all night with little or no sleep. Someone who goes to party for many consecutive days at a time. Ravers are a group of people who are always at the same clubs, raves, parties together.
Oh, just all the usual ravers
#rave #zombied-out #ravelationship #house #party
by pinkbritt April 11, 2011
Children of the night. Originally reffered to an individual who participated in illegal all night gatherings as a form of rebellion to authority figures and authorities alike. Used as a form of escapism from the norm with the aid of mind altering drugs and repetitive beats, ravers would "peak" to a euphoric frenzy at rave parties. Raver fashion traditionally was very expressive and loud, utilising bright colours and a baggy look with "cute"/pop culture characters incorporated in the outfit.
Always frowned upon by other urban cultures, being a raver came with a "drug addict" label. Depending on which musical style you were most into determined your "label" and "rave alias"... that's it 4 now. Things are different nowadays, with the age of "ravers" falling and the amount of drugs consumed rising, the original feeling of rebellion is somewhat lost, especially with all the media publicity over the last few years.
check out that candy raver.
by Wassim May 28, 2003
A raving homosexual is called a raver.
Alan Carr is a such a fucking raver!
Have you ever seen Julian Clary? He's a complete raver!
#poof #poofter #gay #bender #shirtlifter #queer #faggot #fag #gaymo #homo #homosexual #fairy #queen #shitstabber #buttpirate
by titbiscuit January 14, 2012
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