Much like emos, goths and freaks, ravers are categorized as rejects as well. They find that by wearing odd, brightly colored, carebear costumes they're expressing their creativity, diversity, and juvinile foolishness. However, creativity and uniqueness is not defined as "the act of putting a bunch of ugly shit on and listening to shitty music". As a result their attempts at expressing diversity is a misled one as they are not creative, simply eccentric to the point that it is both unoriginal and disturbing (not in the badass way, disturbing in the "damn your annoying" way).

It is common knowledge that ravers are rejects of society and 'should-have-been-miscarriages'. Many people associate ravers with homosexuals. Ravers, however, simply give homosexuals a bad name and they simply take ever negative connotation of a homosexual and amplify it to the extent that you will find many homosexuals regarding ravers as "faggots".
John - "Why did that raver just shove his pacifier up his ass?"
Mary - "Don't make eye contact, John!"
by Earths Views on Things April 25, 2010
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A term used to describe a person (mainly a Generation Xer) who took part in the underground electronic music scene of the early-to-mid 1990s that became extremely commercialized and eventually died out at the end of the last century.
A number of teenagers and twentysomethings who were too young to attend raves back then now go around calling themselves "ravers" and listen to electronic music thinking that the rave scene is still flourising.
by Kid Billy January 29, 2004
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PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect). I don't know about the peace, but the Love, Unity, and Respect is conditional. You'll only get those three if you are a) Under 20, b) Strung out on opiates, amphetamines, designer drugs, c) Follow the strict dress code of skimpy 'ironic' shirts, and huge ass pants. Otherwise, a waste of time and bears no similarity to real raves from 1985-1991.
Those ravers think music didn't exist before 1997.
by Pehlte September 02, 2003
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A raving homosexual is called a raver.
Alan Carr is a such a fucking raver!
Have you ever seen Julian Clary? He's a complete raver!
by titbiscuit January 14, 2012
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A raver is someone who promotes that PLUR bullshit, which is totally fuking ridikulous. If you happen to befriend a raver, the relationship is doomed to fail due to selfishness on the ravers part. The total kollapse of industrial kounter kulture is fairly on the ravers shoulders. this is due to such promotions on the ravers part. Shouting about love, peace and fairness. Nothing about a raver is trustworthy, and your better off not having tried to befriend them. A raver isnt a human. Thats the best definition.
Erik: Shit...man i'm depressed. My raver left me, it seems like i've got nothin left. I feel like shit.

Markus: Don't worry, everything will get better, after all, hes just a raver man, its gonna be all right, but I did warn you.
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A skinny white pre pubecent teenager from the suburbs who says gay shit like "pop" (in reference to ecstasy), and listens to complete shit music, if it can really be called music. And by going to raves this gay white kid can escape his daily trauma that consists of his mother rediculing him for gelling his hair, and looking like a complete fagget. The so called "Raver" is really just a pussy who wishes he / she could be 'cool' in main stream society.

1) You are not cool for doing ecstacy, dont call it E or x, like a faggot.
2) Jumping around on drugs in a garbage hole does not make you cool.
3) You have a small penis
4) You're parents are ashamed of you
5) you drive a shitty car
Raver #1: I look so good
Raver #2: i hate myself
by Azamat Bagatov November 05, 2006
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Many emo kids, goths, ravers, furry and anime fans, gays, and pretty much anyone else who is different are targeted fairly often for mockery by Something Awful and Portal Of Evil crowd.

Wouldn't it be funny if the emo kids, goths, ravers, furry and anime fans, gays and anyone else these guys targeted all joined forces and mocked them back?

Nah. That wouldn't be nice. It would be funny, though.
I'm not a raver, but I think they're cute. Life would be pretty boring if everyone were the same.
by Just An Idea October 28, 2004
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