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a girl who often attends raves, or electric dance parties, enjoys a variety of electronic music (commonly refered to as "techno"), wears kandi (jewelry made from pony beads or plastic beads, glow-in-the-dark/flashing objects, plushie toys, and other random/cool objects/toys). Some tend to dress in very little clothing, such as bras and underwear, bikinis, fishnets, corsets, and furry go-go boots, but not all do. Often stereotyped for using drungs such as extacy (MDMA), acid (LSD), or special k (kedamine), which is not always the case. Has a true belife in P.L.U.R. (peace, love, unity, respect), the rave moto. Most tend to be very social, friendly, and caring.
I had a blast last night at the rave, i met the sweetest raver girl!
by Magical Aura June 16, 2009
A xfire username for one of teh randomest chicks eva - on xfire.
Description: A girl who isnt a nerd but still goes online. Thinks shes gawjus... :P
OtherNames: Julez, TopazJulez
This person is normally very random and concieted (jokes) should b avoided coz any other person will be deleted if not special enough
Dislikes: 1337 words.
iSatan: Dam ravergirl sure is hawt i wish she would keep me on her list
mopdazzle: Nah dude ur too much of a retard to be, only im special enough
ISatan: It's true...o well doesn't matter im gay anyway
by tiestozgirl March 07, 2007
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