Also, illegally recruits athlets in sports such as basketball and football, by reclassifying them....aka 5th year seniors
all black people from the football and basketball team
by tony yayo February 06, 2005
Top Definition
a horrible, preppy private school filled with snobby girls and preppy, goody two shoes guys.
hell with ralph lauren playing satan
by william January 20, 2005
a nasty prep school, sucks at most everything, cant do crap on their new ftball field.
one thing 41-28 ftball..gibbons victory
by rita February 24, 2005
umm dont be hatin on the croft yes i agree MOST of us are very snobby and rich true but its not like we do anything to you i mean all in good fun right just a little school for the illgerally recruting 5th year seniors...umm i go there and know every one of the seniors and all of them ahev only been in high school for 4 years dumbasses and yea we may not be the greatest at sprots but gibbons cant talk bc we own them in basketball like this year we killed you guys i mean kkiiilllleeddd. And you beat us in football once!!! nice try
Wanna find a TRUE PREP with the polos rainbows and aviators come take a look at the croft NOT gibbons they have to wear uniforms which do not include polos!!!!!
by realprep March 21, 2005
yeah... I've been at Ravenscrof for 10 years and I must say to Gibbons: WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU IN EVERYTHING. We have all inherited good looks, money, class, style, athleticism, and intellect.
Gibbons don't be hating on us just because your retarded school os made fun for ebing Catholic and having a slutty wannabe hott dance team... they all suck anyways.
by TrUeDaNcEr April 03, 2005
A Private School in North Carolina that attempts to teach future socialites and train future fascists CEO's to be even more pretentious than they already are. Don't let the 30k a year tuition fool you, these aren't your average selfish corrupt douche bags, they are so much better. With their easily entertained student body and laughable academic staff, does it make anyone wonder why they turn out the way they do? So don't be manipulated by their six figure family-income status, sleeping your way to the top was an elective at this school. So while others work hard to get what they deserve, the gluttonous pricks from here merely buy their talent and paint on a smile. It's a toxic environment and everyone who goes there becomes part of a disease. I would know, I went there.
Amy: I can't believe Alex is about to graduate from Ravenscroft.

Dan: ha! I know, the silver spoon is suppose to be in her mouth, not up her ass.
by Paniconthedisco December 28, 2009
A school in Raleigh, N.C., that most people like to talk shit about because the kids that go there have more money, more power, are smarter, better looking, and are better athletes than they are. Cardinal Gibbons people like to talk shit about us because they have to were uniforms and go to God class everyday. they also hate us because we can buy more, and better drugs than they can, because we have more money and power, are better at spaorts than them, and all-around are better than them. not all kids at Ravenscroft are gay and snobby. some are really fags, and some are snabby, but most know thay are better tha other people, and accept, then let that fact go, as not to rub it in too bad.
Croft kid 1: hey whats up, did you see the gibbons game?

Croft kid 2: yeah we killed em', just like everyother year.

Croft kid 1: Hey dude were having a sweet party this weekend tons of green and all the brew you can drink, its gonna be a rager.. tons of hott girls, you gonna be there?

Croft kid 2: hel;l yeah is it gonna be as good as the party we have every weekend with all of our rich parents money??

Croft kid 2: hellz yeah

Croft kid 2: then yeah im in, the ravenscroft kid are so much better than everyone else in everyway!
by September 07, 2009
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