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a place in half life 2 that scares the fuck outa me
we dont go to ravenholm anymore
by dejection October 14, 2006
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1) A place in the Valve game Half-Life 2. It's infested with zombies and headcrabs and it's dark and freaky and at one point your only weapon is a gravity gun because you ran out of ammo an hour ago.
2) A place where we do not go. Holy FUCK. WE DO NOT GO THERE. Never again.
by TiaTodd February 08, 2011
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A term given to any level in any video game that comes the fuck out of nowhere, is never spoken of again, and is designed to be nothing but nightmare fodder.

Named for the ridiculously hellish zombie level of Half Life 2, Ravenholms are those levels in video games that you will see in your dreams.

The bottom of the well in Ocarina of Time is that game's Ravenholm. Many thousands of children were forever scarred from it.
by Zero-chan July 06, 2012
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