something nasty.
They called me raunchy, just because I'm free with how I dress.
by TokenWhiteGirl(: April 02, 2010


Not something you want.
man1: yo' her pussy is raunchy.
man2: I know, it smelled like sewage.
man1: That's her, that's malorie for you.
by Idon'tknow. December 08, 2009
Someone who is disgusting, or a place that is just absolutely nasty.
I feel almost as raunchy as rhea.
by Nessy. January 14, 2009
A word used to annoy your friends by pronouncing it ranchy.
Dude that is so ranchy.
Ranchy? I think you mean raunchy.
No I definitely said ranchy.
by botbullet0 February 08, 2010
Disgusting, grody, foul, nasty...
That fat chicks BO is raunchy!
by cartman5000 July 31, 2004
An expression used to show discust grossness, or extreme coolness, this words can only be used by members of the Raunchy Crew when using the last mentioned meaning.
WOW! That's Raunchy!
by Shibathedog October 10, 2003
Discusting in a sexual way. Or Discusing descibing something gross.
Dude you got some dog shit on your shoe! Thats raunchy!
by Vicki Markarian July 10, 2008
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